Advance Care Planning – NICE

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has produced a quick guide for managers of care homes and home care services. Advanced care planning is the opportunity for people to plan their future care and support while they have the capacity to do so. Click HERE


Irish Resources on Advance Care Planning

Further information on Advance Care Planning and Advanced Care Directives from the Irish Hospice Foundation Click HERE

Assisted Decision-Making Capacity Act Click HERE

Enduring Powers of Attorney Click HERE

Resources for the Public and Professionals on Advance Care Directives Click HERE


Palliative and End of Life Care Toolkit

The Palliative and End of Life Care Toolkit is produced by the Royal College of General Practitioners. The resources it provides can be used by healthcare professionals, informal carers, patients, and those close to someone nearing the end of life. Click HERE

It contains

  1. Clinical Resources and Guidance for Practice
  2. Resources and guidance for patients and carers

Care and support in advanced Parkinson’s: A guide for general practice (Excellence Network)

This online course provides learning for GPs on Care in Advanced Stage Parkinson’s. It has a range of tools, resources and links to support your practice. Click HERE for more information.

Cost:  FREE
Duration:  30-45 mins
Event / learning type: Continuing professional development
Online Provider: Parkinson’s UK

The learning units focus on the following areas:

  • What is Parkinson’s?
  • Impact and challenges of Parkinson’s
  • Challenges and day to day management
  • Parkinson’s Pathway
  • Carers’ needs and issues to consider
  • Palliative care and prognostic indicators
  • Advanced care planning
  • Support and management for the Primary Care Team
  • Signposting and access to all available resources

Adult Palliative Care Services Model of Care for Ireland


The aim of the Palliative Care Model of Care is that: “Every person with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition can easily access a level of palliative care appropriate to their needs, regardless of care setting or diagnosis, in order to optimise quality of life”.

A Model of Care broadly describes a framework that brings together regulatory, organisational, financial, and clinical aspects of service provision to outline best practice in patient care delivery. A ‘model of care ’is a multifaceted concept but one that is important because of the link between adoption of best practices (as outlined in the Model of Care) and the delivery of improved patient outcomes.

Full-text is available CLICK HERE



How to talk to children about death and dying – a guide

This guide is published by St Clare Hospice, UK and is designed to offer support to adults to help them feel more comfortable to approach the subject of death and dying and engage in meaningful conversations with their children. The guide is available HERE

Infographic HERE

Staff at St Clare Hospice talk to their own children about death


This four part podcast series is based on the Choice Outstanding Academic Title “The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Empathy.”  Listen as Dr. Randolph Cornelius, professor of psychological science at Vassar College, interviews Dr. Heidi Maibom, professor of philosophy at the University of Cincinnati, to obtain insights on empathy and how it impacts people when observed from various angles.

Episode 1: Discussing Empathy: What precisely is it?

Episode 2: Discussing Empathy: Differences between cognitive and affective empathy.

Episode 3: Discussing Empathy: Its function, role in altruism and evolutionary history.

Episode 4: Discussing Empathy: Psychopaths and the Empathy-Deficit in the United States.