Online tool for parents of bereaved children

What do I tell the kids? How do I support them? is a free online resource that helps parents support their children when someone in their life is dying or has died. It equips parents with the words and confidence needed to help children grieve life’s losses in healthy ways.


Irish Hospice Foundations – Beginning at the End Videos

Videos produced by the Irish Hospice Foundation – “Beginning at the End”

Difficult Questions

How Can I Help

Introduction to Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality

Finding Meaning

Being Brave

Differing Views

Empathic Listening

National Summary of Patient Activity Data for Adult Specialist Palliative Care Services in The Republic of Ireland, 2012-2015

This report presents collated data from the Specialist Palliative Care Minimum Data Set (MDS) from the years 2012-2015 and reflects a picture of the activity within the specialist palliative care services in community, day-care and inpatient units.  Every service contributes to the Minimum Data Set and there is almost 100% compliance with regard to metric data submission.

The work on the report was carried out in partnership with the HSE and a project steering group with support from the Irish Hospice Foundation. Full text is available  HERE OR on the Irish Hospice Foundation website

National Patient Safety Office

The NPSO provides access to training and information about the work of the National Patient Safety Office including the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC).

The modules and instructional videos will be of particular value to persons planning or currently developing clinical guidelines or clinical audit for submission to the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC). This is part of the NCEC’s overall approach towards capacity building and evidence-based healthcare. NPSO Learning Zone is available CLICK HERE

The target audience are healthcare professionals and all members of multidisciplinary teams who are considering or are already members of guideline development groups, national clinical audit governance committees, including patients and the public.