HIQA – Raising Awareness of Adult Safeguarding

A background document to inform the development of the national standards for adult safeguarding was published on the day of the seminar. This comprehensive document summarises international, national and academic evidence for adult safeguarding.

Short video created by HIQA and the Mental Health Commission was also launched at the seminar. The video promotes awareness about what safeguarding is and how it is connected to people’s rights, health and wellbeing.



HTA Economic Evaluation Guidelines

The HIQA Health Technology Assessment Team has published Guidelines for the Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies in Ireland and Guidelines for the Budget Impact Analysis of Health Technologies in Ireland.

The updated guidelines:

  • will assist decision-makers in evaluating the cost-effectiveness and budget impact of health technologies
  • aim to promote the use of a solid evidence-base to guide investment decisions in the Irish healthcare system
  • will also help to ensure that healthcare interventions used in Ireland are clinically effective for patients, are affordable, and are good value for money.

HIQA Guidance Infection Control

During 2017, HIQA revised the monitoring programme against National Standards for the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections and published the following guidance document: Guide to the monitoring programme undertaken against the National Standards for the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections. Click HERE

Table of Contents

1. Overview  2. Background  3. Purpose of the National Standards

4. Scope of the National Standards 5. Themes in the National Standards

6. Structure of the National Standards  7. Monitoring compliance with the National Standards

8. Key terms used in the National Standards  9. How the National Standards were developed

Summary of the National Standards for the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in acute healthcare services

Theme 1. Person-centred Care and Support Theme 2. Effective Care and Support

Theme 3. Safe Care and Support Theme 4. Better Health and Wellbeing

Theme 5. Leadership, Governance and Management Theme 6. Workforce

Theme 7. Use of Resources Theme 8. Use of Information


HIQA Guidance for the assessment of designated centres for older people

This guidance should be used in conjunction with the revised assessment judgment framework, which is one of the tools HIQA uses to assess compliance with the regulations and standards. Inspectors will use this guidance alongside the assessment judgment framework. The purpose of the guidance is to provide additional supporting information to inspectors on assessing compliance and offer guidance on reviewing each regulation and standard. Full-text available HERE

Therefore, the guidance gives greater detail on how to assess and what to review during fieldwork planning, gathering of relevant information and evidence onsite and the making of judgments about compliance.