Our Impact: 1986 – 2016

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Full report available HERE

This report celebrates 30 years of the work and achievements of the Irish Hospice Foundation. It tells the story of this charity and the strides they have made in hospice and palliative care over the last 30 years in Ireland.


Conservative Care of Kidney Failure

Conservative Care of Kidney Failure

The Irish Hospice Foundation & The Irish Kidney Association have produced the following booklet. http://hospicefoundation.ie/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Final-ESKD-Book.pdf

 The Irish Kidney Association (IKA) have six patient information books which you can get free from the IKA Head Office and Support Centre. You can also download them from www.ika.ie

BOOK 1 – Kidney Disease; BOOK 2 – Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis; BOOK 3 – Kidney Transplantation; BOOK 4 – Thinking About Donating a Kidney?; BOOK 5 – Living with Chronic Kidney Disease; and BOOK 6 – Emotional Wellbeing.