Adult Palliative Care Services Model of Care for Ireland


The aim of the Palliative Care Model of Care is that: “Every person with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition can easily access a level of palliative care appropriate to their needs, regardless of care setting or diagnosis, in order to optimise quality of life”.

A Model of Care broadly describes a framework that brings together regulatory, organisational, financial, and clinical aspects of service provision to outline best practice in patient care delivery. A ‘model of care ’is a multifaceted concept but one that is important because of the link between adoption of best practices (as outlined in the Model of Care) and the delivery of improved patient outcomes.

Full-text is available CLICK HERE




HIQA Guidance for the assessment of designated centres for older people

This guidance should be used in conjunction with the revised assessment judgment framework, which is one of the tools HIQA uses to assess compliance with the regulations and standards. Inspectors will use this guidance alongside the assessment judgment framework. The purpose of the guidance is to provide additional supporting information to inspectors on assessing compliance and offer guidance on reviewing each regulation and standard. Full-text available HERE

Therefore, the guidance gives greater detail on how to assess and what to review during fieldwork planning, gathering of relevant information and evidence onsite and the making of judgments about compliance.